About us

Heal Warehouse is a shopping destination for our trendy, outgoing, and spiritually conscious customers in the United Kingdom and around the world. At Heal Warehouse we cater to our large clientele of bulk buyers, as well as our continued on-going loyal customers who shop for their families and friends. At Heal Warehouse, we aim to promote healthy lifestyle by offering healthy eating and accessories options for our valued customers.


We are partnered with our trusted brands Doctor Foot Care, Diamonds of Pasha, Diamonds of Prophet, Diamonds of Prophet جؤاهِراْلَنبْي, to provide our valued customers with quality, natural and authentic products. Offering products like waterproof socks, wudu socks, Ajwa Dates, Zam Zam, Miswakit, Honey, Black Seed, Olives and many more items expected soon; at Heal Warehouse we hope to add value and quality sourcing options to our shoppers.

Heal Warehouse is based in the heart of Manchester of UK which houses great places to shop and scenic beautiful places to visit with your friends and families. Heal Warehouse is also working with our chosen partnered charity 'Health & Education Academy Ltd. (HEAL)' which is working with the local community towards education, positive and spiritual living.

Your valued contributions would be appreciated in supporting Health & Education Academy Ltd. (HEAL). As HEAL’s ethos to work with the community by  providing skills, knowledge, work opportunities, free meals, educational projects, various medical programmed like free Resuscitation/CPR training, First Aid training, Diabetes programmed, Mental Well Being and other events, to enrich the community. Please do tick Gift Aid to Health & Education Academy Ltd. (HEAL) upon completion of your purchase. More can be done with your valued support!